Progmeef is a matlab GUI allowing post-treatment of Excitation Emission Matrix and decomposition by PARAFAC developed under supervision of R. Redon from MIO. 

The following options are avaiable :

  • Direct opening of several fluorimeter .txt format
  • Elimination of scattering diffusion Rayleigh and Raman
  • Inner effect correction (no correction, CDA,…)
  • Common fluorescence indices (HIX, Zsolnay, Rac, …)
  • Normalisation process
  • Decomposition by CP/PARAFAC (with all options)
  • Results processing (components, reconstructed EEMs, error distribution, …)
  • Extraction of contribution in several format (.txt, .csv, .xls) and components (jpg, png, bmp)

This software is developped under shareware licence. You can download if here.