WOMS18 Program

Thursday 25 October


Session 4 «EEMs and future»
Solids, Particles and EEMs, applications, Data Treatment, Physical theory, laser and time resolved fluorescence.
Chairman: S. Mounier.

  • 14H00 Conference:
    Soil organic matter in podzol horizons of the Amazon region: Humification, recalcitrance, and dating,
    A. M. Tadini, G. Nicolodelli, G. S. Senesi, D. A. Ishida, C. R. Montes, Y. Lucas, S. Mounier, F. E.G. Guimarães, D. M. B. P. Milori*.
  • 15H00 Talk 1:
    Effects of fluorescence quenching of soil powder samples in fluorescence spectroscopy,
    Y. Nakaya, S. Nakashima, M. Moriizumi, M. Oguchi, S. Kashiwagi, N. Naka.
  • 15H30 Talk 2:
    “Next generation fluorescence probes” for detection of key cyanobacterial species,
    S. Imran Khan.
    (upcoming abstract)
  • 16H00 Talk 3:
    Is There a Fluorescent Disinfection Residual Following UV Treatment of Drinking Water?,
    M. Heibati, C.A. Stedmon, O. Bergstedt, K. R. Murphy*

16H30 — Coffee break — 16H50

  • 16H50 Speed talk 1:
    Investigation of the reactivity of soil Water Extractable Organic Matter with Cu(II) – A case study,
    M. Hassouna , F. Theraulaz , C. Massiani.
  • 17H10 Speed talk 2:
    Saltmarsh organic matter fluorescence and metal interaction,
    L. Boher, C. Dupouy, F. Juillot, L. Jamet, S. Mounier.
  • 17H30 Speed talk 3:
    • DOM dynamics in open sea waters of the Mediterranean Sea: New insights from optical properties,
      C. Santinelli, Y. Galletti, M. Gonnelli, S. Retelletti Brogi, S. Vestri.
  • 17H50 Speed talk 4:
    • Interaction of Humic Substances with Inorganic Matter evaluated by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging,
      A. Tadini, N. Ohana, M. Falvo, O. M. Bruno, S. Mounier, D. M. B. P. Milori, F. E. G. Guimarães.
  • 18H10 Speed talk 5:
    • Characterization of dissolved organic matter in two contrasted coastal Mediterranean sites: Toulon bay and St-Georges bay,
      A. El Houssainy, S. Mounier, C. Abi-Ghanem, G. Durrieu, D. H. Dang , C. Mahfouz, D. Omanovic, S. D’Onofrio, J.-U. Mullot, G. Khalaf, C. Garnier †

18H30 — Break — 19H00

Presentation by exhibitors:

  • 19H00-19H15 : Alseamar,
  • 19H15- 19h45 : Safas.

20H30 — Gala dinner — 00H00 : Live Music Show and Poster Awards

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