WOMS18 Program

Thursday 25 October


Session 3 «EEMs and tensors Tensor and Environmental application»
Algorithm and data analysis, Numerical methods for EEM analysis.
Chairman: X. Luciani.

  • 08H00 Conference:
    Upcoming title,
    D. Brie.
    (upcoming abstract)


  • 9H00 Talk 1:
    Biogeochemical characterization of dissolved organic matter by
    fluorescence spectroscopy in mud volcano area in the Gulf of Cadiz,
    V. Amaral, C. Romera-Castillo, J. Forja.
  • 9H30 Talk 2:
    ASFit – an all-inclusive tool for analysis of UV-Vis spectra of colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM),
    D. Omanović, C. Santinelli, S. Marcinek.
  • 10H00 Talk 3:
    UV-Vis spectroscopic study of coloured dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in the pristine Krka River estuary (Croatia),
    S. Marcinek, N. Layglon, J. Paðan, A.-M. Cindric, C. Santinelli, M. Gonnelli, C. Garnier, S. Mounier, D. Omanović.

10H30 — Coffee break — 10H50

  • 10H50 Talk 4: The effect of biofilm age and composition on dissolved organic matter
    processing in low-order streams,

    A. Harjung, F. Caillon, J. Schelker.
  • 11H20 Speed talk 1:
    Copper complexing properties of fluorescent DOM in the New Caledonia lagoon (South Pacific),
    C. Martias, M. Tedetti, L. Jamet, C. Dupouy.
  • 11H40 Speed talk 2:
    Spectroscopic characteristic of humic fractions in Amazon spodosol using EEM-CP/PARAFAC,
    A. M. Tadini, S. Mounier, D. M. B. P. Milori.
  • 12H00 Speed talk 3:
    Application of EEM-PARAFAC for characterizing dissolved organic matter in a wastewater treatment plant having four types of advanced treatment processes,
    K. Komatsu, T. Onodera, A. Kohzu, K. Syutsubo, A. Imai.
  • 12H20 Speed talk 4:
    A fast algorithm for PARAFAC/CP decomposition,
    X. Luciani, R. André, E. Moreau.
    (upcoming abstract)
  • 12H40 Speed talk 5:
    Fluorescent intensity of organic matter during a resuspension experiment
    N. Layglon, S. D’Onofrio, G. Durrieu, V. Lenoble, S. Mounier, B. Misson, C. Garnier.

13H00 — Lunchtime — 14H00

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