WOMS18 Program

Wednesday 24 October


Session 2 «In situ EEMs»
In situ/On line fluorescence measurements and applications, Data Treatment, Methodology, Environmental Application.
Chairman: M. Tedetti.

  • 14H00 Conference:
    Assessing fluorescent DOM with spectral in situ sensors: from multi-channel to matrix- approaches,
    O. Zelinski.


  • 15H00 Talk 1:
    A year of dissolved organic matter monitoring by Excitation-emission,
    A. Goffin, S. Guerin, V. Rocher, G. Varrault.
  • 15H30 Talk 2:
    Continuous In-situ Identification of Fouling on Hollow Fiber Membrane by Solid-State 3D-EEM,
    H. Yamamura.
  • 16H00 Talk 3:
    Exploring aquatic organic matter fluorescence and biogeochemical spatiotemporal patterns using a combined approach of supplementary comparative PARAFAC models,
     J. D’Andrilli, R. A. Payn.

16H30 — Coffee break — 16H50

  • 16H50 Speed talk 1:
    Tracking the fate, reuse and transformation of photodegraded DOM through EEMS and PARAFAC,
    M. L. Miranda, H. Osterholz, H.-A. Giebel, P. Bruhnke, T. Dittmar, O. Zielinski.
  • 17H10 Speed talk 2:
    Ultraviolet Microfluidic treatment of Colored and Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter,
    R. Lopes, H. Schütte, M. L. Miranda, S. Gassmann, O. Zielinski.
  • 17H30 Speed talk 3:
    A glider fluorescence sensor (the MiniFluo-UV) for monitoring dissolved aromatic hydrocarbons in the marine environment,
    M. Goutx, F. Cyr, N. Bhairy, M. Tedetti.
  • 17H50 Speed talk 4:
    Matrix in-situ sensing of fluorescent dissolved organic material,
    O. D. Ferdinand, D. Voß, M. L. Miranda, O. Zielinski
  • 18H10 Poster session:
    4 presentations (2 min each)
    V. Enev (poster)
    K. Schwalfenberg (poster)
    F. Rodriguez-Vidal (poster)
    Y. Yamamoto (poster)

18H30 — Break — 19H30

  • 19H30 :« ALSEAMAR, presentation of the company  and its main activities”. (
  • 19H45 : « Hunt for hydrocarbons with the SeaExplorer glider : case study oof the Angola » (Romain Jatiault – TOTAL)

20H00 — Dinner time — Fluo Quizz (take your smartphone)

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