WOMS18 Program

Wednesday 24 October


Session 1 «EEMs treatment»
Calibration of fluorescence raw data, inter-calibration between instruments/methods, IFE corrections, PARAFAC, chemometrics, quantification of FDOM or chemical compounds, interaction.
Chairwoman: M. Bieroza.

  • 08H15 Conference:
    Characterisation and classification of fluorescent dissolved organic matter in water: Current challenges and future directions,
    K. M. G. Mostofa*, Z. Fu, M. Mohinuzzaman, L. Li, X. Lao, Y. Liu, C.-Q. Liu.
  • 09H15 Talk 1:
    On the possible origin of the fluorescence properties of humic substances,
    D. Vione, F. Barsotti, G. Ghigo.
  • 09H45 Talk 2:
    Fluorescing olive oil: characterization by means of EEMs-PARAFAC technique, sample group discrimination and relations with oil quality,
    M. Borisover, O. Benjamin, A. Dag, N. Bukhanovsky, Z. Schmilovitch, K. Hason, I. Zipori, T. Ignat.

10H15 — Coffee break — 10H40

  • 10H40 Talk 3:
    Timeline of the studies of the fluorescent dissolved organic matter in North Patagonia (Argentina) through excitation-emission matrices and PARAFAC: adapting to a methodology in continuous progress,
    P. E. García, R. D. García, C. Soto Cárdenas, M. Gerea, M. Reissig, G. Pérez, M. C. Diéguez, C. P. Queimaliños.
  • 11H10 Speed talk 1:
    Dependence of algogenic organic matter derived DBPs on its EEM fluorescent properties,
    L.-C. Hua, C. Huang.
  • 11H30 Speed talk 2:
    Urban headwaters: Model systems for DOM generation at the aqua-terrestrial interface,
    M. Fork, C. Osburn.
  • 11H50 Speed talk 3:
    Dissolved organic matter composition in Arctic drift ice and surface waters,
    M. Zablocka, P. Kowalczuk, J. Meler, K. Draganska-Déjà, A. Winogradow.
  • 12H10 Speed talk 4:
    Study of the kinetics of the multilinear regression parameters between CP/PARAFAC
    components and mixing composition in search for a specific fluorescence signal of
    dissolved organic matter from wastewater treatment plants in the coastal zone,

    I. El Nahhal, R. Redon, M. Raynaud, Y. El-Nahhal, S. Mounier.
  • 12H30 Poster session:
    3 presentations (2 min each)
    R. Fourati (poster)
    C. Martias (poster)
    A. Zayen (poster)
    P. Elli (poster)

12H40 — Lunchtime — 14H00

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